11. Learning Environment Design – Day 4

Hi all,

Today is your evaluation + reading day at home. Don’t need to come to class!

I just sent all of you an email with the five classmates’ portfolio links you need to review.

I. Evaluation Submission (Feb 3, Mon)

  • You can submit your evaluation result using this link (http://alturl.com/ynm2d).
  • Although the first question asks your name, I promise I will wipe out when I distribute the results to the person.
  • Peer evaluation is due next Monday (Feb 3), at the beginning of class.

II. Unfinished Work (Do not evaluate yet)

  • I checked your submission last night to make sure and sent an email to the people whose work was not finished. For those who received my email last night, don’t need to worry. I just wanted to double check whether everyone is ready to be reviewed.
  • I checked again while writing an email, and I found several people didn’t finish their work yet. I will send an individual email to those people to remind of this assignment.
  • Reviewers, if you found AN UNFINISHED WORK, DO NOT EVALUATE YET. I will tell you when it’s ready to be reviewed.
 III. Your Result (Feb 5, Wed)
  • You will be receiving your result by February 5 (Wednesday).

IV. 2nd Reading (Feb 5, Wed)